Here it is ! My first post about Phat4Oracle, the free & simple Performance History Analysis Tool for Oracle; a bunch of views and SQLs based on Statspack. I’m working very hard to clean things up and do a lot of restructuring: Translate Dutch stuff to English.

  • Creating a lot of documentation on the site (
  • A lot of restructuring.
  • Maybe do a last backport to 8i.
  • Do a few adjustments to make it run on 10g without trouble. Oracle changed the hashing algorithm to identify a query. Now there are 2 of those values, no, actualy 3 ! hash_value, old_hash_value and sql_id. Oracle put the old hash_value in Statspack. So I still have to figure some things out before concentrating on adding the new 10g views to Phat.

Check out my wishlist of things I want to add.


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