How am I going to solve this ? Up to 10R1 a table PERFSTAT.STATS$IDLE_EVENT is created within the PERFSTAT schema containing names of all idle events. This can be used only get the true wait events out of STATS$SYSTEM_EVENT by doing a ‘WHERE EVENT NOT IN STATS$IDLE_EVENT’. In 10R2 this table is gone, this is because the information can be retrieved by filtering on the a column: WAIT_CLASS’Idle’.

It’s easy to create an extra view in the PERFSTAT schema:

   SELECT event
   FROM   v$event_name
   WHERE  wait_class = 'Idle'

But how am I going to put this in the create scripts without having to maintain seperate ones for both 10R1 and 10R2 ? Don’t know yet, maybe I have to make two 10g create scripts.


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