11g countdown

A few days to go until 11g will be released. I will not be installing 11g on the same day, maybe not on the day after, but I will have a peek this month for sure. First I will be looking for the usage of Phat4Oracle on 11g. There are few questions for what I will be searching an answer:

  • Will there still be a Statspack in 11g ?
  • Will it be a ‘little hidden’ like in 10g ? Searching for “statspack install” in the 9R2 manual returns some useful information, this is different in 10R2.
  • Will ‘Diagnostics pack’ and ‘Tuning pack’ be free this time ?
  • Will there be new tables in the PERFSTAT schema ?
  • What columns will be new in PERFSTAT tables ?
  • Can I install Phat4Oracle in 11g after creating a PERFSTAT schema ?
  • To sum it up: can Phat4Oracle be of any use in 11g ?

$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/spdoc.txt is one of the first things to check. This text files tells everything about new things which have been added with each new release Oracle release. Besides that, it’s a complete Statspack manual.


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