A lot of things can be added and improved. Here’s my wishlist, sorted descending on importance:

  • Get this site complete, a few more things to add.
  • Make some kind of reference of all Phat views and columns (requested by SN).
  • The ‘Phat Case’ series. Examples of analysis’ done with Phat.
  • Solve the hash_value, old_hash_value, sql_id problem in 10g. I have to decide how to identify queries.
  • Usage of new 10g views and columns. A 10g branch of Phat is allready created.
  • Solve bugs. There are a few. Sometimes negative values can be found for certain metrics.
  • Destinctive design for this site and the blog.
  • A little history about the development of Phat.
  • Complete downloadable PERFSTAT dump, can be imported and used to do some quick evaluation of Phat.
  • Last backport to 8i ?
  • Better execution plans.
  • 11g support ?
  • A GUI to prevent you need tools like Toad and Excel. Maybe some kind of plugin for Oracle’s Sql Developer
  • Examine if other tools can be used to do the job. Can you do copy+paste from Sql Developer to Excel without trouble ? Is there an Excel alternative ?
  • Warehouse support. Merge all your PERSTAT schemas in one warehouse schema, and use Phat for analysis.

The implementation of things mentioned above depends also on you ! Give me some feedback to keep me motivated of making improvements. What is on your wishlist ? Give me a message at bas@earthling.net


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